New Age Man…

Image. Image. Image. Society is an image. Image is everything. The image you portray or how you’re portrayed by others. Although less applicable to men (as it seems to be an issue discussed around women more) it’s still an issue for us too. We’ve spoken about perceptions before in previous blog posts and how powerful … More New Age Man…


Recognition. Other synonyms are: acknowledgement, appreciation, awareness, recognise, remember, respect, salute and understanding. And there are more. All these things, amongst others, are things that everyone (and I mean everyone) wants in life. Someone to appreciate the work you’ve put in. Someone to recognise what you’ve achieved. Someone to understand where you’ve come from and … More Recognition

Perspective…Pt 1

Standing back and assessing a situation, doing nothing, can be more valuable at times than acting on one. In the moment, perspective can be tainted due to other variables surrounding it. Stress, work, happiness, friends and other things can all have a positive or an adverse effect on perspective. And as most of us have … More Perspective…Pt 1

Guiding principles

Where do you draw the line? When are those principles lost? And at what price? In many walks of life there’s this notion that change is always better. Change shows progress, change shows evolving, change shows individuality. Does it? Always? Hmmmm…we’re not so sure. In most cases, not all,Β it’s your principles that get you there … More Guiding principles