Our aim

Love your style and your dedication to your followers. If I had a man, I would take tips from your awesome pics. If I were a boy, I’d try to dress like you.

Salute the passion and dedication. I’m inspired.

Are you a guy that needs fashion tips? Are you a woman who needs styling ideas for your guy? Look no further! Streetclobber will provide you with ideas for menswear outfits with both high-street and independent brands from two different perspectives.

TimeΒ is essential, and the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours trying to find the ‘right’ outfit. This blog will save you that time by inspiring you with fresh, contemporary styles for the forward thinking guy. Whatever your lifestyle, Streetclobber will provide you with statement pieces alongside modern essentials to help you keep up with the latest trends.

We’re two friends from the city of London who have a love for its street fashion and lifestyle. From a young age, street fashion has influenced everything we have done. From the trainers we bought, to the brands we wore and the ways in which we wore them. Street fashion was a culture. As time passed, our street fashion developed in different ways without forgetting our primary influences.

We hope this blog provides you with what you’re looking for and inspires you and your everyday outfits.

The Streetclobber team
The Streetclobber team

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