Men’s Jewellery

Options. In terms of jewellery for women, they seem endless. Whilst for men, we feel the choice is extremely limited. It has been said that a man needs no more ornaments than a watch or a weding ring. Well, seeing as though we’re not ready for marriage (just yet) and have enough watches to last us a while, choosing something else seems the best option. The first challenge – and definitely the easiest- is identifying what type of jewellery you want. So, a bracelet it is.  Then, you look for style inspiration. But where do you go for this as a man? Don’t worry, we’ll wait…

At the moment, there isn’t a lot out there in terms of jewellery inspiration for men. From magazines to websites to brands, we feel they all fail to deliver on this aspect, making the task even harder. The growth in men’s fashion – in the last five years – has been extraordinary in terms of the revenue generated. It’s even predicted that the growth of the global menswear market will outperform womenswear by 2020. So why does menswear seem like an afterthought with designers placing greater emphasis on women’s collections?

Menswear jewellery needs to be addressed with regard to how they’re incorporated into outfits and presented to men. With the rise of ‘metrosexual’ guy who now has a higher disposable income, want to look good and have the money to burn on retail therapy, the opportunity for growth has never been more fruitful. Additionally, men are wearing more jewellery than ever before, however limited the options may seem/be. And, in our thorough search for inspiration and options, we found JewelStreet.  Thank God for that.

Remeber the part earlier in the post about inspiration and it being the second most important thing when choosing Jewellery? Yeah, scrap that. JewelStreet do it to a certain extent (for men) but what they do better than anyone we’ve come across is give you options. Option after option after option like you’ve never seen before. The need and desire for inspiration, styling, lookbooks, editorials and so on go out the window (and very quickly).

JewelStreet is home to over 600 independent jewellers who have a story to tell resulting in unique pieces crafted with love, passion and attention to detail. From the latest artisan designers in Tel-Aviv to what’s hot in Stockholm, JewelStreet uncover the newest and best designers from the four corners of the word. Literally. The best are all under one roof. Another positive to add to the list. They also cater for all budgets depending on what you desire with prices ranging from £29-£500,000 (not a typo). As JewelStreet bring the designers to you, you’re buying directly from the brands and designers, meaning there are no third parties, no intermediaries and no retailers. The result of this is designers and brands receive a much fairer share of the revenue their exquisite work deserves. How many sites can boast that?

When browsing the site, we felt that we could’ve bought hundreds and hundreds of things but had to reign it in due to not having unlimited funds. Life’s no fun. One day maybe. But for now, a gold bracelet from Atolyestone (a London-based brand) had to be purchased.

The Leo Cuff Bracelet is made from sterling silver although gold in appearance. It’s not too thick; it’s not too small. It’s actually the perfect balance between the two. And, for that extra satisfaction with regards to the care and precision given when making the bracelet, it’s 100% handmade. Even down to the minor details such as packaging, these guys have got it right. We chose it due to its versatility as it can be worn for any occasion. Its simplicity also adds an extra dimension to your look too.

As mentioned earlier, in terms of options and inspiration, menswear jewellery is still not where it should be: more needs to be done to achieve the end goal. However, thinking about it, JewelStreet are pretty much there. They’ve somehow incorporated inspiration through their choice of designers and the quality of the designer’s jewellery. The option part of the equation is unquestionable. So, thank you JewelStreet for being the frontrunners of this.

Other brands, take note.




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