M & S Bomber Jacket – Wardrobe Essential

Trends come and go in fashion with some leaving the shelves quicker than they were put on. Yet – in a forever changing industry where trends come and go- some trends stay longer than others. A lot longer. But why? What is it about certain products that cause designers and brands to re-visit and re-interpret them year in year out? And more importantly, why do we (as consumers) keep coming back for more of the same?

Bomber jackets. These garments were originally created for pilots’ use during WWI. Their purpose: to keep pilots warm whilst flying in cockpits that weren’t enclosed and providing them with the necessary mobility to fly the plane. So what is it about these ‘flight jackets’ that causes us to buy more? And more. And even more, every year.

Bomber jackets are everywhere, literally. But we’re not complaining. If you know anything about us or have followed our Instagram and Youtube channel, you’ll know we’re bomber-obsessed. Whether they are patterned, cropped, oversized, embroidered or plain, we love them all. And we’re not the only ones. Both high-street and high-end stores are stocked full of bombers, of all kinds,  and the demand for them doesn’t seem to be wavering. So, with this being said, let us introduce you to our new fave:  the Limited Edition Suede Baseball Bomber Jacket from M & S.

What we love about this bomber is its simple shape and lightweight construction which we believe has secured this bomber’s position as a cool classic for the everyday man. Unlike other bombers, it’s a piece that can be worn for a range of occasions whether smart or casual; day or night; dressed up with trousers or dressed down with jeans. The classic tan tone also works effortlessly with sports luxe looks, a huge trend this year. And, whilst looking dapper, keeping you warm at the same time – more important to some than others. Although the bomber presents a laid-back look, its 100% suede exterior and tailored fit embodies a timeless look that will never go out of style. It’s as practical as it is stylish which is not an easy thing to find. For these reasons , amongst others, we believe this bomber jacket to be a wardrobe essential for all men. And, quite frankly, if it’s good enough for Oliver Cheshire (M&S Ambassador and Menswear influencer), then it’s good enough for us.

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