CAT x We Are Fstvl

The Summer signals. What lets you know Summer is round the corner? The clocks going forward an hour? The (slight) change in climate? Or, unsurprisingly, the beginning of June? For us, the start of festival season is our Summer signal. That’s when we truly believe Summer has arrived. Our Summer began at WeAreFstvl: what a start it was!

We have festival rituals, like an itinerary for the day.

1. Wake up super excited but return to sleep as it’s 5:45am and the festival doesn’t open ’til 12.

2. Wake up again (at a more decent hour) check the weather forecast and get showered to start the day off with a huge breakfast. A Full English may we add.

3. Return home and choose outfit. This takes the longest time but it’s the best part. It sets the tone for the day. Good outfit, good mood, good start.

4. Get your festival playlist music ready and connect your phone to the speaker dock. Your neighbours, being the great people they are, will understand your excitement. Therefore, you’ll be able to play your music very loudly without them complaining. If you don’t have understanding neighbours, you could simply just turn the music down.

5. Open, mix, shake and pour your preferred drink of choice. And drink very large amounts in a short space of time. If you can’t do this then don’t try this. We would hate to receive comments and feedback below about how you followed our festival itinerary and didn’t get past step 5. The Summer only begins when you arrive at the festival, not at step 5.

6. Put your carefully selected outfit on which has also factored in the British weather and it’s unpredictability.

7. Ensure all drinks are finished and leave your home.

8. Take the preferred mode of transport to the festival.

9. Party!

We always start with footwear first; it dictates everything else. Bold prints and vibrant colours: two festivals must haves. Where do you possibly find festival-ready footwear that meets this criteria? Introducing the Colorado Tribal Boots, an online exclusive.

CAT’s boots are extremely comfortable which is paramount when dancing continuously for 10 hours. Literally. In conjunction with this comfort, the boots, despite their size, look beautiful which is not something you would attribute to this type of footwear. It’s like describing an elephant as elegant. Weird, we know. But what made us fall in love with these boots were the print. Not only is the tribal influence clear to see see from the print used, but also from autumn burgundy, sharp yellow and deep black colour blocks. It also boasts a canvas upper (which is a nice touch) whilst the fresh white outsole gives the boot a clean and modern finish. We have to say, CAT outdid themselves here.

Luis opted for the original Cat iconic boot famous and loved by all worldwide: The black Colorado Weldon boot. This is a boot that everyone should have, seriously! The boot is as long-lasting as it is fashionable. Basically, be ahead of the game with these ones. We told you first.

Our cabs arrived and we were on our way. This is where the excitement builds. Which acts are you looking forward to see? Which friends will you link up with whilst there? Which tent is going to be lively? All these things add to the anticipation of what you know is going to be an unforgettable day.

‘You’ve reached your destination’. Out of the cabs and then a 500m walk across pale yellow grass signifying the temeperatures that were greeting us. 21 degrees celsius with not a cloud in the sky. Music blaring as you get closer. People buzzing with excitement. Smiles. Handshakes. A scan of tickets. Bag check. A pat down. And we’re in. WeAreFstvl; we had arrived.

It was a musical theme park. People screaming with joy; hands up in the air. A buzz in the air. Various tents with Djs taking you on the ride down memory lane. Nostalgic funky and deep house tunes-not heard in years-forcing you to reminisce about your countless holidays and experiences in Ibiza. The best memories. Hearing your favourite tune accompanied by two guys: one playingΒ the saxophone and the other beating bongos. We could’ve stayed in the Lovejuice tent all day but we knew we would be depriving ourselves of musical highs. No matter which tent we went to, no matter which stage, there were mini festivals within a festival everywhere! This is no exaggeration. We’d never seen anything like it. It was special.

To add to this, there were a hosts of acts that would get everyone and anyone excited. Fatboy Slim, Jamie Jones, Armand Van Helden, Loco Dice, MK, Shy FX, just to name a few. Even Craig David was there mixing between new and old school tunes adding his flawless vocals over well-known songs/beats. His set was ridiculously good. Bouncing from stage to stage and tent to tent was the best way to take in all of the festival’s vibes. Everyone was on a musical high; it was a beautiful sight and feeling for all.

By the end of the day we were utterly exhausted – totally exhausted. But it was worth every second. Every second spent jumping, every second spent shouting, every second spent dancing was worth it. And the only thing that kepts us going? Knowing the next day we would be doing it all over again!

Thank you CAT and WeAreFstvl for making this Bank Holiday weekend the best ever.



4 thoughts on “CAT x We Are Fstvl

  1. Haha guys your blog posts are always brilliant! This one in particular really made me smile which is a great thing! I’m happy that you enjoyed the festival, this is definitely in my to do list and reading about your experience makes me feel like I have to hurry up πŸ™‚ Great outfits too, always on fleek! You’re too cool πŸ™‚ xx


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