New Age Man…

Image. Image. Image. Society is an image. Image is everything. The image you portray or how you’re portrayed by others. Although less applicable to men (as it seems to be an issue discussed around women more) it’s still an issue for us too.

We’ve spoken about perceptions before in previous blog posts and how powerful they can be. Everyday we believe we all do make assumptions and form perceptions of people who we know nothing about. ‘That girl’s good looking so she must be stuck up; that guy dresses well so he must have money or he’s probably gay.’ Sigh. We’ve all made assumptions one way or another and will continue to do so. You’re even making assumptions reading this probably.

However, with all this being said, there has to be a point where others’ assumptions and perceptions don’t affect your choices and decisions. Easier said than done I know. We have to do it all the time. And we don’t care.

There should be no shame taking care of yourself in whichever way you see fit. Whether it’s taking care of you hair, health, teeth, nails, feet etc. For women this is fine, but there seems to be a stigma around men doing the same. Another sigh. So let’s laugh at stigmas and present to you Aroma Works London.

First and foremost, Aroma Works London is a 100% natural skin care brand (for both men and women) that doesn’t comprimise on quality or purity. There are many products that claim this yet their ingredients are less than pure and natural. No suprise there then. A product made in the UK, Arouma Works is revolutionary product combining clinical effectiveness without forgetting ethical and environmental responsibilities. Brilliant work Jane Hibbert (Founder).

They have a range of exfoliants, moisturisers and serums that improve the appearance of skin, reduce the signs of ageing whilst tackling the ailments of skin like eczema and others. And again all natural, paraben free, sulphate free, petrochemical free, mineral oil free, nut free, gluten free, animal cruelty free and vegan friendly. Have we missed anything?

We tried the men’s nourish day cream and the calming aftershave lotion. As we both have dry skin, it’s important to us that whichever cream we do use, it must moisturise our skin well. Both certainly didn’t disappoint. The day cream was smooth on the skin with hints of lavender and (MASCULINE) notes of sweet neroil. Very masculine if you ask us. In our opinion, after using it for a few weeks, it made the skin look very youthful with a great complexion too. A win win for all.

Very rarely do I shave with a razor as I have extremely sensitive skin and the closeness of the shave can irritate it.  But I did try it this time to really gauge the benefits of the calming aftershave lotion. Surprisingly for me, it actually worked a treat! Again, my skin felt great, well moisturised and the scents were even better than the day cream. In my opinion anyway. I might start thinking about shaving more just to use it again!

All-in-all, great products and worth every single penny. Seriously, you won’t be disappointed. Buy one of these and you’re well on your way to being a new age man. Well that’s if you want to be.




One thought on “New Age Man…

  1. This is such a great post! It looks like a really cool brand, I’ll see their products and I may buy some! I think men should care more about themselves and sometimes the ones who does so are tagged as gay or anything else which may not be true (being gay is not bad though, just to clarify)! We should break with all these old thoughts and try to make the most of us! x

    Zoel Hernández |


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