Change. We don’t know what it is about a new year that urges people to change. What does the new year signify? What was the previous year like? And what were the reasons for it? Good or bad, a new year provokes change in all of us. It’s a new start.

We’re not exempt to that change either. Just like you, we have a burning desire to improve, to be better than before in whatever we decide to do. The first change is normally to get in shape. To ensure we’re going to the gym at least three times a week, no matter what and playing football on a Saturday. The latter we always do; it’s the first part we needed to change. The excuses were second. Or even the other way round. So, jumped on Zalando, picked up some Nike and Adidas gym gear and we were on our way. Chage one done.

Change two: to improve our Instagram posts and content. We LOVE posting outfits inspiration for you guys and to say last year was a great achievement for us would be an understatement. Your comments and interactions with us make it worthwhile whilst also spurring us on to create new and exciting content. Whether that may be working with different brands, better picture quality of posts, outfit grids and so on. Nobody works hard to stay the same. Change two, doing.

Change three: more blog posts. Admittedly, we have been terrible with our blog posts and we know we need to post more. It’s easy when we’re posting about brands we love and work with but we also want to give you an insight to our lives and what we do and what we encounter throughout this blogging experience. Problem is, well all have busy lives. Still not an excuse. Well a bit of an excuse. This year, we will be better and that’s a promise. More posts. More insight. More brands. Change three, started.

Also we want your feedback guys too! Anything you’d like to see us do regarding content, just comment or message us and we’ll see what we can do to help and inspire.


imageimageimageimageThanks for reading!





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