Recognition. Other synonyms are: acknowledgement, appreciation, awareness, recognise, remember, respect, salute and understanding. And there are more. All these things, amongst others, are things that everyone (and I mean everyone) wants in life. Someone to appreciate the work you’ve put in. Someone to recognise what you’ve achieved. Someone to understand where you’ve come from and acknowledge where you’re at. We’re kind of getting that now. And it’s a good feeling… a great feeing!

You have an idea in your head and plan out the journey. This is what we should do and this is how we’re going to do it. This is the easy part. Believe us. Then you have to turn these dreams into a reality and put it out there for scrutiny and judgement. Taking criticism is not easy, for anyone, so it’s about accepting people’s opinions as just that and moving on quickly. Very, very quickly.

Street Clobber is not only a blog that presents London’s street fashion and its lifestyle but it’s a representation of our hard work, dedication and love for it. So when we’re presenting this to brands, PR agencies and people in the fashion industry, we’re providing them with an opportunity to critique and highlight out flaws and their dislikes. Ouch.

We have taken criticism and we’ll continue to do so as you cannot please everyone. Literally, it’s impossible. Someone will find something that they don’t like and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s their opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs. In the same breath, you will find people who think what you do is ‘the best thing they’ve seen’ or ‘it’s so real’ or ‘this is amazing, we would love for you guys to represent our brand. From small brands saying ‘no way’ to well-known and established brands saying ‘of course’. They’re the people you need to focus your time and energy on as they will do the same. Simply, they appreciate what you’re doing and recognise what you’ve done. They’re giving you the recognition you deserve. Whether it’s from one person or ten people, people all want the recognition that they deserve. And we’re no different.

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