Perspective…Pt 1

Standing back and assessing a situation, doing nothing, can be more valuable at times than acting on one. In the moment, perspective can be tainted due to other variables surrounding it.

Stress, work, happiness, friends and other things can all have a positive or an adverse effect on perspective. And as most of us have busy and hectic lives, there’s a strong possibility of this happening one way or the other.

Think about it. How many times have you had an argument, goneaway by yourself after the argument was done and thought to yourself ‘why didn’t I say that?’ Perspective, this reinforcing what we mentioned earlier about the need to be away from situations in order to have a clearer view and mindset.

So where do you get that opportunity to step back from situations and assess perspective? Well, it’s different for everyone. Everyones place of ‘tranquility‘ may be different. It may be home alone for one, it may be with friends for another, it even may be a mixture of things! But it’s usually a place where a person can relax and feel free, without these ‘variables’. That was Mallorca for me.

Funnily enough, I need to step back from this article now to think about how we present part 2 of this article to you guys. You’re left with this now until we have a better perspective (cheesy I know) on what to write next!

Outfits: Thomas Royal London Swimshorts, Birkenstock Sandals, Urban Outfitters Camo Shorts, Zara Linen top, SNCL Khaki bottoms, H and M Stripe and Polka dot tee,  ASOS Cropped blue and Khaki trousers and Lazy Oafs Reversible bucket hat.

image image image image
image image image image


One thought on “Perspective…Pt 1

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Holidays are a great way to find clarity on many situations. Really nice outfits & amazing shots of the beautiful island ☆


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