Relationship importance: Part 1

How many relationships do you have? Countless? Relationships with friends, family, colleagues, the list could go on, we all have them in life. Their importance cannot be measured. Luis and I have been friends for over 10 years and we know each other inside out. Each others likes, dislikes, tastes, styles, humour, food taste etc. A bond that has developed over time, becoming stronger and stronger, allowing us to embark on opportunities and journeys together with excitement and anticipation. Knowing we have the same goals, the same drive, the same desire to achieve.

But there always has to be a starting point. All relationships don’t get to the stage where we are overnight. It takes time. And even then there is no guarantee. We want to inspire others with our outfits as you guys already know. We also want to blog streetwear brands that have inspired us over the years and are still inspiring. But how do two ‘normal’ guys get to blog not only our own clothing, but the clothing of well-established brands in an industry we know nothing about? Dressing well is not even half of it!





One thought on “Relationship importance: Part 1

  1. Awww guys this is so true! Friendships are proper relationships, it takes time and efforts from both sides to let them last long. But it’s worthy! Keep going guys love your blog xx

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