Guiding principles

Where do you draw the line? When are those principles lost? And at what price? In many walks of life there’s this notion that change is always better. Change shows progress, change shows evolving, change shows individuality. Does it? Always? Hmmmm…we’re not so sure. In most cases, not all, it’s your principles that get you there and keep you there. Your guiding principles. The principles that represent you, the principles that intrigued others and the principles you’ll need to guide you throughout your journey. Without these, who are you?

Let’s take a look at these guys, King Apparel, and their guiding principles:

  • They only make very limited runs of any product
  • They never run repeats or re-runs of any product
  • They only use garments that are cut and sew
  • They always strive to innovate
  • They believe in being 100% independent
  • They only stock one store per town
  • They live and breathe the streetwear culture

Over the years, they’ve worked closely alongside a select roster of artists, helping to raise their profile whilst endorsing the brand. With the likes of Plan B, Wretch 32 and Plastician all choosing to wear King Apparel. It’s because of what they stand for. What they represent. Their guiding principles. They don’t want to be like everyone else but that only happens when you stick to who you are and what you represent, no matter what may lie on the other side. People respect that, those that are true to others and themselves. The likes of King Apparel are a dying breed in today’s culture of conforming, yet they’ve been here a very long time with success. It can be done.

They believe in their guiding principles and they inspire us to believe in ours.



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