Free spirit…

Rooted in free spirit, with a passion for our craft and inspired by diversity, we pioneer the next. For people to continuously express themselves with great courage. And to simulate their creative souls without restrictions.

Everyone has this, a creative soul. it’s just whether they have the courage to express their creative soul without restrictions. Creative with colour, creative with cuts, creative with design, creativity has endless possibilities. But it’s not dependent on how ‘good’ it looks, no. It’s dependent on courage. Your own courage. The courage to say this is ‘different’. The courage to say ‘this doesn’t work, but it does for me’. The courage to ignore what fashion tells you to do. No double denim…no black and blue…or black and brown or whatever they say. Blah…blah…blah…who cares? When you stop creating yourself for the image of others and focus on your own perception, believe me, things become a lot easier. Wearing stuff because you like it. Not because it’s a trend. Because style isn’t a trend and should be timeless. Not saying don’t buy stuff because it’s a trend, I’m saying buy stuff YOU want. Stuff that stimulates your creative soul. Trend or not. Introducing Libertine-Libertine…

 A Scandinavian brand founded in the midst of the recession in 2009. Their approach towards fashion and style is laid back and easy. In our opinion, as it should be. Free-thinking, not restrained or influenced by ‘outside’ opinions and views. This is the brand’s ideology, being different and doing your own thing. Being you. Their aim is to make contemporary pieces timeless and effortless, whilst being minimalistic too. These lot are spot on. And this is what Street Clobber is all about. Enjoy you weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Free spirit…

  1. Fashion is what you buy, style is how you wear it and creativity can’t be taught ☆ I agree there are no rules when it comes to what you wear, it’s all about expression. I Really like these pieces from the libertine Libertine collection! ♡


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