The ‘O’ word…

Opportunity. At times, this is all that anyone needs. An opportunity. It’s not much really when you think about it but it can be the hardest thing to come by. It’s that thing you fight for in the beginning, when you lack ‘experience‘, when you don’t have that ‘someone who knows someone’, when you lack ‘direction‘ or the required ‘tools’ to be ‘successful’.

Opportunity. It can make you do one of two things. Give up. Carry on. It’s that simple. A lot of people will give up, and it’s not because they’re not good enough for whatever it is they’re trying to do, it’s purely because they have not come across someone who has given them an opportunity. So they stop before this happens. The journey for opportunity ends there. Some peoples journey for opportunity are harder than others and I’m not here to judge anyone for giving up on opportunity. But as previously mentioned, you either give up or carry on.

Opportunity. It’s a perception. You have one outfit. Someone thinks it’s great. Someone else thinks it’s terrible. Everyone has their own perception and that’s where opportunities arise. Do these guys have a vision? Are they real? Are they doing things different from anyone else? Questions, ultimately to provide or deny opportunity. Believe us, we have been denied opportunity. But we’ve carried on too.

Opportunity. We have been given opportunities. So now the game changes. That long, hard, tireless journey for opportunity yet it’s only the beginning. Just slightly past the start line. Now the real journey begins. We can see the road, but somehow, all of a sudden, it’s just got a lot longer. You’ll look at the photos below and your thoughts will probably differ from ours. Remember the word perception? You see more clothes. You see fashion. You see outfits. So do we, just add the ‘O’ word to that list too.

 FullSizeRender 2IMG_5707

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